Established 2011, CrossFit Vaal is one of the first & the original affiliate of the Vaal. True to its roots as always, we believe in no-frills training, camaraderie, community and the endless development of fitness, strength and health! We pride ourselves in our growing tight-knit community, our business & the value we offer every member who joins the CFV Team. Our focus is to provide a 360 approach to training, with dedicated & qualified coaching, guidance on nutrition, mobility and an overall look at all aspects of training & general lifestyle elements for health and wellness. We keep it simple, yet effective, aiming to deliver a fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive, welcoming those of all skills,

abilities, and physical levels. If you looking to better prepare yourself for life in general, become stronger & fitter, or simply improve at your sport of choice, then CrossFit Vaal is for you. Our approach includes movements through the powerlifts, weightlifting, kettlebells, gymnastics & some good old fashioned no non-sense approach to strength & conditioning. Yes, it will be challenging. Yes the results will be all worth it!

Expect dedicated coaching, internal box challenges, community, competitions, support, improved strength, fitness and overall health and wellness.


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